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Enjoy the Swedish summer in Stockholm with these tours

Stockholm outdoors tour

The warm summer is reigning in Stockholm and the city is flocking with tourists who love many things in Sweden: culture, heritage, architecture, and art. But the outdoors and nature are the biggest draws of Sweden—with forests and lakes, sea and islands, rock and meadows, even Stockholm itself is an excellent base for an adventure into the wild, or an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, putting many tourists in awe. Even in the city, you aren’t too far away from nature.

An advantage with travelling in Stockholm is you have a lot more options for outdoor activities than having a city break elsewhere in the world. This means you can join an outdoor tour while escaping from the crowd. Enjoy the Swedish summer with some of these tours below:

Stockholm outdoors tour
Outdoor life is important in Sweden. Join a tour to explore the forest!

1. Stockholm forest orienteering tour

The Stockholm orienteering tours are organised by Swedenmarker and Metvitours. Orienteering is a navigation sport where you run from checkpoint to checkpoint with a map to help you. Having started as a civil defence exercise on skis centuries ago in Scandinavia, orienteering became a sport in its own right in the early 20th century. One of the countries where the sport is most popular is—you guessed it—Sweden.

With the Stockholm orienteering tours, you’ll take an initiative in trying to find your way through the old town and royal forests of Stockholm. This makes for an interesting half-day challenge like no other.

Don’t worry, you won’t get lost—the guide will instruct and assist you in the basics of orienteering, and prevent you from steering off too far away.

You can also join the orienteering introductory course to learn the basics of orienteering.

Want to do it on your own? Visit Metrunner where you can find a number of navigational games that you can play on your mobile.

Stockholm is a city of the sea and lakes.
Stockholm is a city of the sea and lakes.

2. Kayak tour of the Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm has a large archipelago to the east (towards Finland), with around 30000 islands. A number of them are inhabited with ferry access, but some islands are little more than a rock with a hut on it. Others are bustling towns and villages with some shops and lots of outdoor fun.

Kayaking the Stockholm archipelago is therefore a real adventure with a lot that delights the senses. Smell the refreshing sea and the island forests; see the little huts and houses, the cliffs, and the small piers on the many islands that dot the landscape; hear the call of the birds, and the rolling waves.

Book the Stockholm archipelago tour provided by True Nature Sweden through our Facebook chat.

More than half of Swdeen is covered in forests.
More than half of Swdeen is covered in forests.

3. Mountain biking tour near Stockholm

Want to experience Swedish forests in another way? Try the mountain biking tour in Nacka to the southeast of Stockholm, also provided by True Nature Sweden. We also resell this tour through our Facebook chat—inquire for more details.

The “capital of Scandinavia” provides a large range of outdoor activities within surprisingly easy reach of downtown. Ask us on Facebook for more tips and ideas on how to make the best of your Stockholm trip!