Orienteering for entire family – to do in Stockholm’s outdoors

If you’re coming Stockholm with your entire family—why not come and try orienteering in Stockholm’s outdoors? It’s a nice thing to do in the Swedish capital—you’ll spend a nice afternoon in the forest with nature and cute animals!

In cooperation with Norrsken Orienteringsklubb, we offer an exciting afternoon for your whole family in Stockholm’s nature!

Why is orienteering a good activity?

Orienteering became popular in Scandinavia (especially in Sweden and Norway) in the late 19th century and early 20th century as a forest sport. Runners (later also skiiers and cyclists) challenge among themselves not just in speed, but also finding the right way through the forest to the next checkpoint. It has since become one of the most prominent sports in Sweden.

With a map and compass, you’ll be in direct contact with nature – you find places that hide in the middle of the forest. Through orienteering you can sharpen your sense of space, direction and geography. Strategic aspects like route choice are good exercises for your brain. Orienteering is, therefore, a good combination of physical and mental activity.

Orienteering is also important for civil preparedness—navigation is important to help you find resources for survival, if war breaks out!

Location - where?

We meet at Stockholm Universitet metro station on the Red Line (towards Mörby centrum), at the exit to Frescati, 14:00 on any day you want. (The start time is flexible, you can ask for any start time you want.)

The whole activity takes around 3-4 hours.

The orienteering activity takes place in North Djurgården, together with cute sheep and cows! We use Metrunner for map display and timing.

Price - how much?

1500 kr for up to 4 people (total price).

2000 kr for up to 8 people (total price).

+ 200 kr for every person above 8 people.

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Join Norrsken OK as a member

Norrsken Orienteering Club (Norrsken OK) offers trainings and activities in Stockholm. As a member, you’re insured at orienteering activities organised by any club affiliated with the Swedish Orienteering Federation.

Youth: 550 kr (1050 kr with orienteering jersey)

Adult: 750 kr (1250 kr with orienteering jersey)

Health requirements

Orienteering involves physical activity. You must be healthy and free from sicknesses that prevent you from safely carrying out physical activity (e.g. heart disease).

If you’re sick, please cancel your booking by telephone/SMS: +46 (0) 76 347 04 13. In this case, you may cancel or rebook for free.


The activity continues with light rain/snow. If there is heavy rain/snow or lightning, the activity will be cancelled. In this case, you may get a full refund or free rebooking.

Rebooking and refund

Free rebooking until 48 hours before the activity. Refund only in case of sickness or bad weather.


Raphael Mak

Norrsken Orienteringsklubb